Therapeutic and image diagnostic technologies


Representing such world leaders of medical technologies as BD, Macopharma, Haemonetics, Nikkiso, Bio-Rad, Cerrus, Asahi KASEI, Fritz Stephan, etc.,

The professionals from the subdivision of Therapeutic and Image Diagnostic Technologies  (TID) provide Lithuanian  healthcare institutions with innovative and safe solutions and devices for daily patient care and much more, including: image diagnostics, bio regenerative therapy, selection of blood donors as well as inactivation of transfused blood components – decontamination of parasitizing pathogens.

An even more exact diagnosis, fewer complications, safer treatment and more attention to the patient – these are responsible and well-founded goals of the subdivision of TID of Interlux  whose implementation, we hope, will help both the doctor and the patient to feel better, healthier and more self-confident.

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