Family medicine and healthy lifestyle


The subdivision of Family Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle Technologies (FMH) of Interlux  represents a wide range of world-leading manufacturers, such as Norma Diagnostics, Artron Laboratories, Arkray, Boditech, Orphee, Drucker, SureScreen Diagnostics, MDF, etc., which create products for primary health care and family doctors. The subdivision of FMH provides family doctor offices with innovative, proof-based medical and diagnostic devices and offers other devices necessary for these offices.

The subdivision of FMH also has an especially wide range of selected innovative products for a healthy lifestyle and specific specialized medical fields, such as war medicine, nursing, etc.
As the specialists of Interlux understand the importance of disease prophylaxis and a healthy lifestyle, they created a separate niche of activity: a modern e-shop of highest-quality products for a healthy family, we encourage you to visit it!



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