We understand and appreciate the particularity of the customers’ work; therefore we guarantee professional service and ensure the maximum feedback to implemented technological innovations.

In more than two decades of harmonious development and growth, the service team of Interlux has gained necessary skills to support that claim and obtained the trust of customers, which is very important to us.

We try to service the most sophisticated and modern technologies irreproachably and we often offer absolute European or world innovations, so the competence of the service employees is constantly improved at trainings in Lithuania and in foreign countries.

Professionals with higher technical education, constantly undergoing further training, specialize in specific fields of technology and are dedicated to work with particular devices, ensuring their ability to solve the most complicated and rarest problems quickly and irreproachably.

Free of charge telephone number of technical maintenance of Interlux: 8 800 00212, e-mail .


  • Calls in case of breakdowns of equipment:

We immediately react to calls of our customers in case of breakdowns of their equipment. Any issues related with the maintenance of installed technologies can be solved by using a FREE telephone number 8 800 00212.

  • Prophylactic care of equipment:

Prophylactic care is performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions by observing the methodology and periodicity to ensure uninterrupted work of equipment and reliability of results.

  • Warranty maintenance of equipment:

We ensure smooth work of equipment during the whole warranty period.

  • Maintenance of equipment according to technical maintenance contracts:

In case of signing any technical maintenance contracts, we ensure an even quicker reaction to calls and supply of spare parts.

  • Telephone consultations:

Our competent specialists react to your problems immediately – by solving them according to the principle of algorithm.


Beside the service subdivision, smooth customer service is ensured by subdivisions of customer service and logistics acting in a harmonious and professional way.

Almost thirty motivated specialists of Interlux take care of customer service in order to satisfy all, even the most urgent or complicated, needs of customers in time and properly.

EFFECTIVENESS AND EXPEDITION – these are the main principles of activity of the employees of Interlux.