Interlux Group is an international company together with its subsidiaries providing innovative, top-quality technologies and solutions for medicine, science and biotechnology industry to the customers of the Baltic region.

Interlux Group is active in the following market segments: conservative medicine, surgery, radiology/nuclear medicine and laboratory diagnostic solutions.

We ensure not only timely delivery of marketed products, but also provide customer training, application support and professional 24/7 technical service and maintenance.

The full range of supplied products and services, more than 300 reputable partners/global manufacturers, qualified specialists in their respective fields driven to satisfy customers` needs first, as well as round-the-clock technical service aiming for fast problem solving – these are advantages of Interlux which we obtained during almost 25 years of successful work and development.




Since 2017 Interlux has implemented strategic development plan by optimizing its activities and strengthening particular business segments by developing dedicated Sales and Marketing organizations.

Since 2017 the foundations of Interlux Group consist of UAB Interlux, as mother company, UAB Sormedica, UAB Laborama and UAB Medita.


UAB Interlux (www.interlux.lt), the mother company, not only develops sales of In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Analytical and Industrial Diagnostics (AID) technologies, but also organizes and ensures the activities of the whole group.

Medita’s (www.medita.lt) experience in the field of medical products stretches from 1992 and has a broad experience in solutions for the primary health care, physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation. As Interlux Group acquired Medita and in 2017 successfully integrated the former Interlux Family medicine and Healthy lifestyle (FHM) technologies unit into the structure of this company, the new Medita product assortment has become wider and even better meets diverse needs of the Family medicine, Rehabilitation specialists and Healthy lifestyle promoters.

Sormedica (www.sormedica.lt) specializes in image and functional diagnostics; radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine; minimally invasive medicine, surgery and clinical therapy, providing innovative, top-notch technologies and implementing patient care and treatment solutions even for the most complicated cases since 2012.

Laborama (www.laborama.lt) was established in 2017. It developed from the Science and Laboratory Research (SLR) technologies business unit of Interlux. Laborama implements innovative solutions in flow cytometry, cell biology, industrial and clinical microbiology, molecular biology. It supplies comprehensive research technologies and solutions to Cytomics, Proteomics, Genomics and Microbiomics researchers, scientists and users of advanced laboratory technologies.

Labdata LT (www.labdata.lt) also belongs to Interlux Group. It is the expert of development and implementation of laboratory information technologies solutions, specializing in IT integration, process automation and quality assurance, software application in the medical and industrial markets.


Local Baltic offices – Interlux SIA (www.interlux.lv) and Interlux OÜ (www.interlux.ee) operate in – Latvia (Riga) and Estonia (Tallinn). They work closely with the Interlux Group and help to ensure efficient customer service in the whole Baltic region.


The operating statutes of the Interlux Group meet the highest world-wide standards of quality, business ethics and sustainability – one of the main reasons why the world’s medical and scientific technologies and diagnostic systems manufacturers choose Interlux as their representative in the Baltic region.

lnterlux Group is certified to the quality management system LST EN ISO 9001: 2015, which proves that the company’s services meet the highest quality standards.



Improve people’s health via innovative healthcare technologies and create value for medical and research industries.


To become the supplier of choice and leader of innovative solutions in Baltic market.



We offer advanced technologies, ensuring that treatment institutions receive only tested and reliable technologies from foreign manufacturers which are safe both for patients and medical staff. The products supplied by the Interlux Group companies are recognized by European and global institutions of certification of medical devices proving their safety and effectiveness.


The effectiveness and expedition of customer service is ensured by a highly qualified stuff that constantly improves its professional knowledge at international conferences and trainings. More than 1 000 health care, science and veterinary enterprises and institutions as well as private companies trust Interlux Group in the Baltic region.


The Ethical Codes and values of Interlux Group companies obliges us to conduct properly and to perform socially responsible business. These goals are persued on the basis of binding laws and ethics. It is enforced by reliable and honest communication with the national authorities, customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the society.


Interlux has been acting in the global network of medical technologies for many years, so it invokes the experience of its partners and offers rational solutions oriented to an economically useful result to its customers.


We strive for the medicine and health care system of the Baltic States to be integrated into the global context, not to fall behind the global tendencies and to ensure longer and healthier life of people with the help of advanced technologies.